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VALREA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the VALOREM group,
a pioneer of wind energy in France



The VALOREM group is an integrated green energy operator offering a multitude of skills in the renewable energies sector and supporting communities and partners at each stage of a project: studies, development, financing, construction, operation monitoring and maintenance.



A pioneer of wind energy in France since 1994, VALOREM now has more than 180 employees across France, and in Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.


As part of the VALOREM group, VALREA’s role is to offer customers the benefits of the group’s specialised values and resources. Hence, VALREA also deals with development (authorisations, communication, local relations, requirements of government authorities and services) and operational (maintenance and supervision) constraints.

VALREA also provides the resources and expertise for the group’s technical office: environmental studies, acoustic studies, energy yield studies, and electrical engineering (40 people).

For more information on the VALOREM group, please visit: www.valorem-energie.com